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Central Weights and Measures Association

Our Objective

The objective of the Central Weights and Measures Association is to provide a regional forum for the discussion of questions related to weights and measures administration, regulation, and enforcement at all levels of city, county, State and Federal Government.

Encourage and Promote:

  • Adoption of uniform weights and measures laws, regulations, rules and orders to include the uniform user, sales and service agency, manufacturer, and packager
  • Application of uniform inspection, testing, enforcement methods and equipment
  • Maintenance of membership competence through development and distribution of the latest technical and managerial knowledge and its use in training
  • Pursuit of equity in the market place and prevention of unfair practices and procedures
  • Participation in public relations activities to increase the public awareness and understanding of the protection and equity in commercial transactions provided through the weights and measures program, and additionally
  • Provide services and educational development to member states and industry
  • Cooperate with the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the National Conference on Weights and Measures, other weights and measures associations, industry and scientific organizations
  • Encourage and assist in the development and use of weighing, measuring, and counting devices, together with ancillary and auxiliary equipment, meeting the latest code requirements throughout the region
  • Promote the maintenance, growth and use of weights and measures laboratories in the support of regulatory programs and industry; to support activities designed to insure uniformity of laboratory standards, services, and traceability to the National Standards.

Promote the Development of Professionalism of Weights and Measures Practitioners Through:

  • Improvement of the image and status among the membership and with the public
  • Training new officials to attain professional competence, and all officials through ongoing programs to maintain competence
  • Promotion of uniformity and equity of occupational titles, position descriptions, and compensation
Constitution and BylawsBylaws Proposal (draft, 3-11-2019)
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